Landlord & Bad Boss Watchdog

We are a group of concerned citizens that came together during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect the precariously housed renters and working-class residents of Niagara Region. We believe that information about bad bosses and landlords should be made publicly available. We believe that no person should have to endanger themselves or others to make rent amidst a global pandemic. We believe that essential workers deserve essential protections, including proper PPE, paid sick leave, and adherence to proper safety measures.  We are not lawyers or experts.


File a Report

Use the links below to fill out the appropriate Google Form. We will review all submissions, obtain additional information as-needed, and then post them to the Niagara Naughty List website. We require your contact information when filing a report to ensure authenticity. Published reports are anonymous.

Bad Boss

Click here to report workplace violations, unsafe working conditions, and explotative bosses.

Bad Landlord

Click here to report exploitative, negligent landlords.


Submitted Reports


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